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Everything in life is a number. Numbers creates pattern. Patterns create shape. Shapes create life. 

Life is color. Be joyful in your design.

Hello, I am Brittany.

A natural clairsentient. Also an intuit and empath healer with more than 30 years experience. A higher consciousness seeker, with a fully-merged Third Eye. 

I started my journey by seeing auras when I was 7; this began my fascination and journey within the practicum of sacred geometry.  

I have also taught thousands of yoga classes and workshops, including Kundalini yoga and meditation. Additionally, my readings, energy sessions and human design counselor sessions, have received hundreds of FIVE-STAR reviews and testimonials 

Superb and life altering 


Essentially, Human Design is a framework for an individual's energy configuration. It describes how each person's energy is designed to interact with the energy in the world around them. Whether that energy is from another person, event or circumstance, it provides insight for understanding an individual's strengths, challenges, tendencies, and potential paths in life. Brittany is well-known for her intuitive insights, and sought after by clients around the world.  She is constant "go to" for discerning souls as they navigate their way through the Aquarian Age


One Hour Readings Guidance and Direction

Human Design Master $220

The Human Design is the ultimate reading. Know your design, and your life path changes, completely. 

Human Design Deluxe $170

Tarot Reading $125

Couples Tarot Reading   $170 

Tea Leaf Reading- $125

Tea Leaf & Tarot $170

Amazing Energy Sessions 

Energy Sessions 

$83 per session

3 for $222


IET - Immediately dissolves blockages and holding patterns.   Zoom or in person

Quantum Frequency Healing -Distant Healing with notes provided after. Not a live session. 

Angelic Healing 

Crystal Skull Integration - Tap into the unimaginable frequencies of other worldly dimensions and possibilities.  Brittany channels the Ancient Skulls. 

Extra Support 


Extra support after the Reading to ensure you life changes and you can stay in a high vibrational pattern.  Your thoughts create emotions, your emotions shape your reality.  Integration is a key part of change.

Being consistent with change is critical and we all need extra reinforcement.  Hire Brit to be this person for you.

We will come up with the correct package based on your needs.

Packages start from $1,011 -$3,033

Walking Tours

Guardian Angels Tour-

The Tarot Stroll in the Ancient City, Wilmington, NC -Walking Tours

Inquire about a private tour for your group.  See The Guardian Angels or Tarot Stroll on Trip advisor. 


Lee Albert - Author 
Facilitator at Kripalu
Britt, you are fantastic and fabulous. You read me like no one has been able to before. Some readers get part of the picture, but you painted a complete masterpiece. You have validated my life path and gave me strength in trusting that my feelings and intuition are correct; so now I will move forward with more confidence than ever before. To be understood at this level has blown me away. You have and incredible ability, and many people will greatly benefit from your readings. Many blessings to you. Lee.
Vered Segal |Life Coach  Therapist
I have known Brittany for years, she is multi talented and a gem in this industry as she is purely authentic and the real deal. She is a Guide, a Master Energy Healer and a Master Numerologist. I call her the Queen of Numbers. Numbers were able to help me discover new paths for my life.
Chuck Jenks | Executive 
I have experienced many spiritual people in my life of international travel.  Ms. Britt is the exception to them all.  Immediately, I knew I was in the presence of a true seer.  Ms. Britt is a world-class clairsentient who helped me realize my human design and how I might continuer to evolve as a Manifestor. Her intuition, knowledge and penetration as a Projector, using human design, numerology, tarot, kundalini and chakras et al combined for a life altering experience for me. I recommend Ms. Britt with great enthusiasm. I was able, through her, to being to understand myself better and to care for my design with love and joy.  Do it.
Michael Timlin | Phd
I am a retired clinician, and professional who has worked in numerous formats with adults, teen agers and children of all ages. Trauma and dissociative disorders were my specialty. Ms. Johnsons Energy work and readings are a wonder to behold. I exclusively refer my clients to Brit. I have also personally been to many other practitioners around the world and Brit is in a league of her own.  Her methodology might be sophisticated , but her common sense approach to Readings and Healing is remarkable. Her work is as inexplainable as it is effective. Simply stated her techniques are a wonder to behold. 
Marla and Noah M | Nashville Producer
My wife and I had a couples reading which blew our minds. Brit was intuitive about our relationship, the good and the bad.  We both nodded our heads the entire time and we spent the weekend talking about the readings.  We will return to see her on our next trip. 
Ariel Kellogg | Executive 
This was such a special moment. I got an hour session with tarot and was blown away from start to finish. I'm so grateful I went. Most importantly I got so much clarity and understanding out of the experience. I would highly recommend Brittany. 
Dave McKenzie | Author/ Artist

former U.S Army Special Forces -Engineer Sergeant  

Have had readings or divinations all over the world and Brit was one of the best in Tarot and numerology. Articulate, accommodating and best of all FUNNY. I would give her 6 stars if I could.  Well done. 
Laura Hembree -Nurse 
WOW! Brit just finished my reading and it blew me away!  She put into words what I have been feeling for a while.  I felt that she truly saw ME!  Highly recommend Brit!  You will not be disappointed.
Wilmington, NC - Saint Augustine - New York City - Nashville - Saratoga, NY

Please inquire for Appointment

Sessions take place by appointment only in my office or on Zoom. Please no walk-ins.

Readings are by appointment only

Ask me anything. If your intention is sincere, your need is genuine and you are ready to change, I promise I will help to guide you. 

Please send me details in the message. What are your objective, goals, or intention for the Reading. Is this your very first reading?

Please include your date of birth in numbers. 

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